Open call for VERY LARGE WORKS

VERY LARGE WORKS will be an online show, a pavilion at The Wrong art biennale (Nov 2019 - Mar 2020), organised by Noemata.

You can take part by submitting questions or works related to questions. In other words, you can participate as a curator formulating questions, as an artist answering questions with works, or any combination of the two.

The pavilion is a reaction to bloated works, systems and structures, which prey on the resources of the world to exhaustion. The notion of Very Large Works stands to represent oppressive, imperialist and patriarchal tendencies throughout history. Values still nurtured, not least in the arts, hung up on romantic ideas of public opinion. A white-wash in many ways - culturally, institutionally and economically.

Our goal is to make an open, collaborative and self-modifying space for creating and curating art on the internet. We were inspired by the game Nomic, where each move is a change to the rules of the game. VLW also intends to explore if the dynamics on expanding spaces, which uses Polya's urn with innovation triggering, could model a net-based discursive practice for the entangled pair of art and curation.

We are looking for contributions that embody critique of the very large, which question, invert or revert its definition, use and abuse. One pixel is a very large work seen vertically through the layers of technology and history. A seed. The virtual, immaterial but real. A dank meme or verse, to mention the obvious,


For the show we are interested in questions, individual works, and platforms for collaborative works.


Go to and submit your details under the correct header (platforms/works/questions/intermissions, and participants).
The deadline is October 1, 2019.

Discussion list

You are also invited to post your contribution and take part in the VLW discussion list. Subscribe at The list serves as a backbone to the project and is an integral part of it. Have a look at the archives for issues and ideas.



Preliminary questions

how large?
what are the extensions of an artwork?
does it have any? did art invent the zero yet? or negative dimensions?
one mole of elephants?
what about in-between dimensions?
who told you it was visible, countable, accountable?
is a very large work still a work?
i have a very large work, is it a very large work (or what)?
is work endless work, Sisyphus?
is it perhaps too romantic, or is it just lack of imagination?
inherent lack?
isn't imagination too tacky, just imagine?
and cognition, its own?
what about a six-dimensional work with unknown extensions?
where would they fit, the very large works?
is it biodegradable?
only if we die?
isn't very large more like muscle, and work again?
largus copious?
then you have copy and number, ennumeration, infinity or cost?
as you approach lim, inf?
it certainly isn't infinite, it's most definitely finite?
what about tactility and number?
abstract numbers close at hand?
numbers and money (mcluhan)?
"The result hammered for a mountain-scene panorama measuring over 8 meters wide and 3 meters high - The Grand Fucking Mountains (2019) - illustrates the immense success of this new giant of painting ..."?
if you're a great artist.. a great artist makes great artworks?
now with internet we can also make VERY LARGE works?
a pixel has a location in space or on a plane, but has no extent?
is internet an abstract topological space?
could somehow musics be included, gymnastics, Simone Biles for example, skate-boarding, downhill skiing?
the work might be an imminent action - not dance, but something pushed to the limit?
does it imply dromodology?
If someone can hold his or her breath for ten minutes, is that a very large work?
are very large works also very tiny works?
what about zooming?
inside - outside, can you always zoom into and outof?
can a zoom substitute different domains of knowledge into one zoomable territory?
large and scarce
extension of our senses, sounds ominous, numinous?
can you even trust your senses, less the extensions?
and trust your trust, judgement?
the agreeable, the beautiful, the sublime, and the good?
unknown universals for given particulars?
tasteless, what does it taste?
the strong taste of nothing?
and digestion, not the least?
your lightyear or mine?
now thoughts can be tactile-erectile?
what about lard, very lard?
two deserts - one empty, one full?
the schematas from table of judgement, delicious fruit?
duration, just imagine, no, just feel, no, just be, no, just, obdure?
could we have an hotline 'helpline'-number for anyone to call if they're confused by the open call? i'm thinking Graham's number but that might be too obvious?
mirror, mirror on the wall?
on both sides?
if there were anything no one would know it, and if anyone did know it, no one could communicate?
when will art smell?
are the senses extensions at all, or rather indentations?
are there any gifts left?
exit shop to the right?


Q: Is my piece a very large work?
A: No.

Q: Are you looking for artists or curators?
A: Yes.

Q: What is a very large work?
A: My knee hurts when I sit too long.

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